TCG - #22



Conner Fox

Seattle, Washington

TCG - #21

2021 SUPRA + $40k

John Tapia

Long Island City, New York

TCG - #20

MCLAREN 720S + $60k

Brent Hutchins

Birmingham, Alabama

TCG - #19


Jeramy Larson

West Valley City, Utah

TCG - #18

LEXUS LC + $40k

Alexis Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

TCG - #17


Rita Hartford

Durango, Colorado

TCG - #16

R34 GT-R + $60k

Zane Evans

Manhattan, KS

TCG - #15

NISMO GT-R + $60k

Ethan Riehl

Shoemakersville, PA

TCG - #14

2020 Supra + $30k

Richard Mears

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

TCG - #13

Huracan or $100k CASH!

Richard Provencher

Highland, California

TCG - #12

Toyota Supra + $30k

Andrew Gounaris

Bel Air, Maryland

TCG - #11

VARIS 86 + $30k

Brett Wheeling

Kuna, Idaho

TCG - #10

EVO-X + $30k

Skylar Molina Smith

Austin, Texas

TCG - #9

STI + $30k

Christopher Mack

Indianapolis, Indiana

TCG - #8

Acura NSX + $30k

Christepher Romero

Phoenix, Arizona

TCG - #7

Nissan GT-R + $30k

Adam Aldridge

Milton, Vermont

TCG - #6

Toyota Supra + $30k

Justin Ethridge

Pendleton, South Carolina

TCG - #5

Honda S2000 + $10k

Dan Cormier

Leominster, Massachusetts

TCG - #4

Lexus RC + $10k

Mark Hartman

Bremerton, Washington

TCG - #3

EVO X + $10k

William Carpenter

Melbourne, Florida

TCG - #2

Acura NSX + $20k

Joshua Shea

Manchester, New Hampshire

TCG - #1

Toyota GT86 TRD + $5k

Jeremy Rada

Orlando, Florida

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who chooses the Winner and how is it done?

At the end of each contest we send all of our entries to a 3rd Party Sweepstakes Firm who conducts a random computerized drawing. Once we receive the drawing results from them we announce the winner on our website and social media platforms as well as contact the winner directly via email and phone.

What are the requirements to win?

The Winner has to be a legal resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec) at least 18 Years of age and have a valid drivers license.

Do the cars have clean titles? And how many miles are on them?

Every car we give away has a CLEAN TITLE. Our cars are carefully inspected and built with quality in mind with the lowest miles possible.

Do you actually give these cars away?

Yes, each of our contests are bonded and registered which legally requires us to give away each prize. Our contests are professionally administered by American Sweepstakes & Promotion Co. Inc. located in Rochester, New York